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It can safely and quickly clean and repair Windows registry problems with a few simple mouse clicks!
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14 May 2013

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Often it may happen that your computer is running slow, windows are showing error messages and system is not able to perform the works well. Now Get the RegDoctor 1.91 software and make yourselves free of such hassles and work without waiting for the windows to take time for opening applications. Your PC would work faster, better and smoother.

RegDoctor 1.91 software scans registry and lets you know about the existing error and problems. To perform the work you get the option placed on the program screen itself. The program provides you with two types of options for scanning the Windows registry. If you want to take a quick check then the ‘Quick Scan’ is the perfect one for you but if you are willing to go for detailed scan you would have to choose the ‘Deep Scan’. Start scanning and when the program done with it, the list of all the problems that it found would be shown on the right middle screen of the program. It also shows the threat level to be medium, high or low with the problems. When the RegDoctor 1.91program finds the problems then you can make the selection for which problems you want to fix. No extra effort then checking the boxes is required to make the selection and click the ‘Fix the Problems’ option. Perform the work of restoring and you computer working with much faster speed. You can even change the settings for performing the task of scanning. Total problems counts are also shown below the screen so that you can know whether you are facing so many problems or just as few one. It could help you to decide that whether your PC needs a Deep Scan or Quick Next time. The software RegDoctor 1.91 increases the efficiency level of the computer. It would let you maintain your computer well and remove malicious registry entries.

For these various reasons that make your computing experience a much smoother, the software has been given 4 points on the ratings scale which it truly deserves.

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Is your computer running slow? Are you experiencing computer crashes or windows error messages? Do you want to improve your system performance and stability? If you are answering yes, then you very likely need to clean up your Windows registry.
Registry problems are the common cause of Windows crashes, error messages, and degraded performance! RegDoctor can safely and quickly clean and repair Windows registry problems with a few simple mouse clicks! RegDoctor uses an intelligent, high-performance detection engine to accurately identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. Identified registry problems are listed and rated by risk level using an easy to understand color-coded system for your information. You can choose to have RegDoctor automatically repair all identified problems, or more selectively choose which problems to repair immediately. RegDoctor also offers a Restore feature to create registry backup files, giving you the capability to safely undo any registry changes.
The auto-start feature of RegDoctor helps to support its regular use. By using RegDoctor regularly to clean and repair your registry, your system should not only be more stable but it will also help Windows and your software run faster.
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